Aiming to be Japan's No. 1 tourism supporter

As a leading force in Japan's tourism landscape, we aim to be your ultimate partner for ryokans, hotels,
and destinations, leveraging the power of the web and technology.


  • OTA Operation Support

    We provide plan proposals and data entry services for your company's website and OTAs, including, Rakuten Travel, and

  • Consulting

    Our on-site improvement and customer engagement professionals offer tailored support, providing the best tactics for your facility while maximizing its appeal and achieving great results.

  • SNS & Web Marketing

    We offer full social media marketing support for tourism, including management, ads, and influencer partnerships.

  • Hiring Platform “”

    A recruitment platform created to address the acute shortage of staff in the hospitality industry.

  • Hotel DX Service “Prime Concierge”

    We digitize and translate in-house guidance, enhancing convenience, customer satisfaction, and easing staffing issues.

  • Hotel Branding

    As experts in hotel branding, we help maximize the value of your property.

  • Inbound Marketing Support

    Japan is acclaimed as the world's top tourist destination, and we're here to help you maximize your inbound customer base.

  • Regional Revitalization

    We assist in promoting Japan's regional appeal globally through digital marketing and technology.

Why Choose Prime Concept?

Proven Excellence

  • Chosen by numerous ryokans and hotels nationwide
  • Over 1,000 consulting achievements
  • Over 3,000 design achievements
  • Comprehensive Consulting for Hotels and Ryokans

    With over 12 years of experience, our company has offered operational support to more than 1,000 facilities, spanning from small-scale accommodations to large resorts.
    Specializing in customer acquisition and web consulting, we provide comprehensive support to tackle diverse challenges, including operational enhancements, staff training, and customer service seminars.

  • Specialized in Tourism

    We are a marketing consulting firm dedicated to accommodations and the tourism industry nationwide. Our industry-focused approach allows us to accumulate deep insights and knowledge, fostering closer relationships and delivering higher-quality consulting services as experts in the field.

  • WEB Consulting

    Our most proficient area lies in WEB consulting and marketing, which has become a critical factor in the hospitality industry. The success or failure of WEB marketing can significantly impact business performance.

  • Specialist Team

    Our team, consisting of specialists in various fields, goes beyond web consulting to provide comprehensive support for the hospitality and tourism industries. This includes operational improvements, staff training, customer service seminars, and personnel dispatch. The presence of specialists in each field enables us to offer diverse support.


Over 1,000 facilities nationwide trust us for total support in solving their challenges!

Examples of Achievements

  • Web Attraction Support
  • Service Training
  • System Support
  • Plan Design
  • Business Consulting
  • Branding Consultation
  • New Opening Consultancy
  • Project Consultancy

Client Engagements Across Japan

Client Engagements Across Japan

Facility Types

Facility Types


Case1 Luxury Ryokan

With Prime Concept's online customer support, revenue increased 3.3 times compared to the previous year.

OTA Operation Support Consulting

Support Results Compared to last year's sales 3.3 times

Case2 Hot Spring Resort Hotel Case

With Prime Concept's online customer support, revenue increased 2.2 times compared to the previous year.

OTA Operation Support Consulting

Support Results Compared to last year's sales 2.2 times

Case3 City Hotel Case

At the hotel supported by the SNS Marketing team, 40% of customer awareness comes from SNS, mainly Instagram and Facebook.

Social media marketing

40% customer acquisition through SNS

Case4 Luxury Ryokan Case

The facility produced by our branding team was the sole recipient of the "Good Design Award", Japan's comprehensive and most prestigious design accolade.

Branding design